Culture of Belgian fries

The culture of Belgian fries

First of all, what is the fry? It is a potato stick, cooked in animal fat or vegetable oil. It exists under other names such as "fried potato". They are often sold in chips shops or "fritkots" in the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg) and in the north of France. It is an important element in the gastronomy of the country. It participates in the worldwide influence of Belgium! And here are a few lines on its history, and its place in our culture.

The fries are derived from the potato or potato, an edible tuber ...

When was the appearance of the potato on Belgian floor? Historians speak of its first appearance in the 17th century, some even claim that it would come from Russia and for others from the American soldiers who during the First World War would have introduced the potato. However, according to Fernand Pirotte, a Belgian historian who studied potatoes. It would be introduced in the region of Namur in Belgium around 1735 before spreading throughout the country. It would be at this point in history that the potato would have made its debut, with good and several means of preparation.

"Belgium is the world leader in the processing of potatoes"
In other words, more than two million tons transformed per year and 40,000 hectares devoted to its cultivation. It takes about 1130 hectares of potatoes to supply fries to the Wallonia, nearly 2000 football fields. Some 130,000 kg of potatoes are harvested. There are now about 5000 Manufacturer of fries. Each sells about 100 packets of fries a day. It is a typical Belgian job that can be rented for more than 3000 euros net per month. (The Flemish Office of Agro (Flemish Office of Agro) is a member of the Flemish Council of the European Union (Flemish). -Marketing)

Fields of potatoes

Today, the different communities in Belgium are trying to reinforce the image of Belgian Fries on the Belgian territory and in the world. You can find shops with their own artisan fries, as well as restaurants and snacks, brasseries ... The image of the fries is likewise carried by painters, artists, in theater and cinema, in concerts and festivals, In the Museums.

Bruges Museum of Fries

Alda GREOLI (Minister of Culture and Children) The Minister of Culture, a true ambassador for the culture of fries, wishes to recognize the culture of "fritkot" as a "masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage" And its entry into UNESCO. We also have the character of "Manneken Frites" created by the artist, MONK (artist in Street-art), which illustrate this anchoring of the Belgian fries in our society.

MONK and the Manneken Frites

The fries remains caloric. But its give you potassium, iron and vitamin B and C, it promotes the sensation of satiety and stimulates the production of endorphin. For this reason we recommend that you accompany them with vegetables.

Some good addresses to eat Belgian fries :

- Frit'Flagey: Place Eugène Flagey, 1050 Elsene. (10 min by metro)
- Maison Antoine (considered by the New York Times as the best "French Fries" in the world): 1040, Place Jourdan 1, 1040 Etterbeek. (10 min by bus)
- Belga Queen: Rue du Fossé aux Loups 32, 1000 Brussels. (20 min by bus)
- The Café Georgette: Rue de la Fourche 37, 1000 Brussels. (20 min by bus)

Fritkot - Maison Antoine

Would you like to make your own fries ?
Here is a small recipe for making your own Belgian fries:

1) The choice of ingredients:
- Your fries will depend on the type of potato you will be using. Prefer non-floury potatoes, of course without germs, without verdis.
- Then choose the oil or animal fat to cook the fries. For a lower calorie intake, choose special oil for frying. But the taste of a good Belgian traditional fried is obtained only with animal fat (fat of beef ...).
2) Preparation before cooking: peel the potatoes, then cut them so that they are 1 cm wide. Wash, then let drain and dry. You have the option of putting the potatoes in hot water so as to lower the sugar content. Caution the fatter is more caloric it is.
3) First cooking: Duration 5 to 7 min.

* Small anecdote, "French Fries or Belgian fries? "

The term "french fries" does not refer to France but to Belgium. To understand, we must go back to the First World War. It was with the arrival of the American soldiers during the First World War that the expression "French fries" would have spread ... During the war soldiers ate potatoes, under the form of fries. The American soldiers were temporarily in Belgium at that time, with the Belgian army and Belgian people who spoke french at their side. American soldiers were started to call the fries from Belgium "french fries"...

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