Brussels definitely has some good shopping but are you wondering where to go?

First stop would be the high end Avenue Louise home to all of the most luxurious brands. However we know those are just for look, so if you down towards port de Namur you are sure to hit all you usual stores like zara and H&M!

Then there is Rue Nueve which is closer to grand place, this road has all the usual’s including stores such as Primark. Definitely not as shi-shi as Avenue Louise but it is surely a good place to get your fix of shopping! If you feel adventurous take a walk around bourse and saint gery area. Here you are sure to find many cool stores, vintage shops, and vid dressings! If you are in this area and the weather starts to get bad head back up to Rogier and you will find city 2 which is an indoor shopping centre.

Head to Woluwe shopping center to check out one of the biggest shopping malls in Belgium and the biggest in Brussels. Perfect for something to do on those grey and rainy Belgian days!

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