Brussels a cultural Melting pot and unapologetic about it!

At every corner you turn in Brussels, you are sure come face to face with new experience and a new culture. Each neighbourhood has a distinct vibe, and in a city of foreigners you are not experiencing Belgium but the world. With a gastronomy scene that is booming you can be sure to taste anything from traditional Belgian cuisine, Cuban, Ethiopian, and more! Every time you sit somewhere whether a bar, café or bus stop you will find almost every language imaginable being spoken! You will hear many conversations of people learning about each other’s cultures and you are always welcome to join the discussion. Not only to learn but maybe even teach something new to someone else.  According to, there are roughly 163 different nationalities with the most foreigners coming from the EU but many from non EU countries as well. All of these people play a vital role in creating the unique vibe which makes this city great!

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