Famous Belgians!

You may think that there are not many famous figures that come from Belgium.  But let me tell you, that you are only half wrong! Let me start by talking about a few of the most inspirational people from Belgium:

Peter Paul Rubens was born on June 28th 1577 and was a Flemish artist. He was one of the most influential artist of his time and throughout the Baroque era. He only lived till the age of 63 but in that time he had produced a large amount of art work and created a strong name for himself as one of the most talented artist in Europe.

The saxophone was created by Adolphe Sax who was born in Dinant Belgium on November 6, 1814 and died on February 7 1894.

 Victor Horta was born in 1861 in Ghent. He was an architect, known for his Art Nouveau style. Four of his buildings are now UNESCO world heritage sites.

Georges Lemaître was born in Charleroi in 1894. He came up with a “hypothesis of the primeval atom” very important as this hypothesis later became known as the Big bang theory and describes the origin of the universe. Thanks Belgium!

 What about Rene Margritte? A Belgian surrealist? He was born in 1898 in Lessines Belgium. He was appreciate throughout the twentieth century for his unique and individual take on surrealism.

Everybody knows TinTin and the comic’s creator? Georges Remi or known as Hergé, was born in 1907 in Brussels.

Then there is Jacques Brel Born in Brussels in 1929 he is one of the most appreciated French speaking singers of all time!

Next Audrey Hepburn and maybe it is just me because I am an American but did anyone know she was Belgian? Born In 1929 in Brussels she was a famous actress who not only was but still is a fashion icon!

Does anyone know Liz Claiborne? Born in Brussels on March 31, 1929, and died in New York in 2007; she was the first woman to be mentioned in the Fortune 500’s list of Americas Largest Corporations, creating Liz Claiborne Inc. of which she was the CEO.

There you have it these are just a few of the most famous and inspirational Belgians!

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