Belgium and its Cities

When most people think of Belgium they first think of its capital city. Just as diverse as Brussels is, so is the rest of this vibrant beautiful country. From medieval towns, to hip artistic cities, even to international hubs, this country has a very large Variety of things to do. Firstly Belgium is divided into two main regions Wallonia and Flanders, and into two main languages French and Dutch. There is even a small area in the east which speaks primarily German. Here is a list of cities that are a must, when visiting Belgium!

Firstly let’s discuss our home town of Brussels! A giant melting pot and the self-proclaimed European capital, this city has everything. A vibrant nightlife, a vast amount of history, culture, food, art, and even booming political importance.

Antwerp is home to the artsy type, filled with trendy bars, restaurants and cafes. Then there is shopping, lots and lots of shopping, Antwerp is the fashion capital of Belgium!

Bruges, the Venice of the north, closed off from cars, filled with canals, and lined with medieval buildings this city is the essences of picturesque.

Ghent, bursting at the seams with history and similarly built around canals this city is a bigger and a more real version of Bruges only with significantly less tourists!

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