The museums of Brussels

Wondering what to do? Why not head to one of Brussels many museums? There are so many varieties of museums around the city that there must be something for everyone! Let give you a few examples:

·        Go to the Museum of ancient art where all their displays originate from the 15th to the 18th century.
·          If you’re the musical type well maybe you should head to the museum of musical instruments where they have an impressive collection of over 7000 different pieces.
·          Or maybe the Horta museum will be your thing if you like architecture, beautiful stained glass and a lot more.
·         Go to the Royal Belgian institute of Natural sciences for a child friendly environment and the largest dinosaur museum in Europe!
·         Then finally who doesn’t like cartoons and especially the Belgian ones such as Tintin or the smurfs? Well when in their home country you should head to the Belgian center for comic strip art where they have a collection of pieces from over 670 different artists!!

There you have it! Here in Brussels there is a large variety of things you can see. Culture is booming whether it is street art or food or even museums of all kinds we have it here in Europe’s unofficial capital! 

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