A little bit of history and the Leopold Hotel…

The Leopold Hotel or as it was originally called The Grand Hotel du Luxembourg was founded in the late 1800 as a railroad station hotel. The brasserie of the Grand hotel du Luxembourg is shown in the picture above and it still retains some of its original features today. The hotel was set up next to the railway station for people to rest before taking their train or to grab a beer and something to eat. However this location is a bit more interesting than just a simple railway hotel as it is also one of the many spots that King Leopold II of Belgium used to bring his lady friends. There used to be a house located behind the original hotel, which has more recently been incorporated into the property, where he would go to have his discrete encounters. In 1985 the Hotel Leopold was officially founded by Schoofs family who still own it today, and it is one of the few remaining family run hotel in Brussels. This makes it the perfect place to escape the massively standardized businesses we have come to know today. This area which was once mainly residential has become an international political hub after World War II. With many EU institutions located in this area it is clear why Brussels and the European quarter are very influential. It is easy to see that this location not only contains a lot of history but this area is clearly still important in the making history.

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