St-Nicholas is coming to town

Santa St-Nicholas is coming to town !

No, Santa is not coming yet. But, someone else will be visiting us this year, and it is just as exciting! Get ready, St-Nicholas is coming to town! The feast of St-Nicholas is celebrated on the 6th of December.  

I am not originally from Belgium, but ever since I came here, everyone has been telling about this special day. Here is what I know so far about this event:

The feast of St-Nicholas is celebrated in Eastern Europe as well as in Germany, the Nederlands and Belgium, of course.

It is a tradition that children leave their shoes / Christmas stocking by the window and wait fot St-Nichoals. If children behaved well during the year, St-Nicholas will leave some candy in their shoes.. Otherwise, naughty children get coal...

On this special occasion, Brussels is organizing a St Nicolas Parade which will be held on Dec 5. You can check Brussel's official website for more info: click here.

How you can ready for the celebrations:

1. Get you Christmas stocking - on sale at Grand Place's Marché de Noël (6€)

2. Get some candy from Neuhaus: one of my favourite chocolate store in Brussels is Neuhaus. Buy your chocolate special St Nicholas edition! Only once a year

3. Cover up, bring your friends and get ready for an amazing weekend!

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