TOP 5 Museums in Brussels

It has been three months since my arrival in Brussels. I try to explore the city as much as I can during my free time. During rainy days - which, by the way occur very often - museums are always a good bet ! First of all because there is a whole bunch of them out there: arts museum, design, science, litterature, politics, you name it. Then, if you are a student < 25 y.o, which is my case, you do have great discounts on the entry fee, sometimes up to 50% ! So no excuse, wait no more, join the fun and explore Brussel's rich cultural heritage !

Now, here are some of the best museums I have visited, with my dear friends and family:

#1 Museum of Original Figurines (MOOF) 
The reason why I liked it: first of all, the museum isn't too big, so you will not feel bored nor restless after 30 minutes. Then, this museum is different than any other because it is like a theme park. You will see figurines everywhere, with a short description of what they represent and the story behind.
Most comic strip characters are presented, including Superman, Batman, the Smurfs, and so much more ! Don't miss the gift shop to bring back your friends some souvenirs !

#2 Chocolate Story
Why you will like it: in just about an hour, get to know all the secrets behing the making of chocolate!  The museum is small and you will be able to taste a whole variety of white, milk and dark chocolate. Finally, the maître chocolatier will bring you to his atelier and you will discover how to make the famous pralinés. Of course, you will be able to taste them once the tour is finished !
Also, a big chocolate fountain awaits you with some speculos.. Mmmmmm !

#3 Musée des Instruments de musique
Why you will like it: if you are a classic music fan just like me, you will definitely love this museum ! First of all, the entry only costs 2€, so it is totally worth it! Then, this museum is very special in many ways: the building itself is one of the oldest in Brussels ! Then, the visit is very lively as you will be able to listen to music extracts as you walk through the walls of the museum. As you go on with the visit, you will see the luthier working in his atelier, the gift shop. The best is the panoramic view from the rooftop! Choose a sunny day so you have the best view possible on the city!

#4 Comic Strip Museum Brussels
Why you will like it:  let me tell you something. I ner was into comics... Until I visited both the MOOF Museum and the comic strip museum. Couldn't help become a kid for a while. Not for a second would I have thought that the comic world would be so fascinating. For instance, did you know comics were invented in the middle age? Did you know there isn't only one type of comic, but a whole bunch of them? These are just a few anecdotes I learned visiting the museum. Also, the gift shop is a must ! You will find some cute post cards, figurines and many other books, for all ages !

#5 Hard Rock Café Bruxelles
Why you will like it: because it is Hard Rock Café, and as any HRC, the best coffee cocktails are made here !...

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