Planning October

As usual, new month starts with a new blog post! We have picked out our favorites from the extensive list of things happening in Brussels during the month of October! 

Let's make this October count with some fun activities! 🍁 

Whether you are a local, a tourist or somebody, who is only planning their trip to Brussels, this is an agenda worth checking out! Have a great month everybody! 

A Brief History of Your Favorite Places in Brussels

There are quite a few places you should visit, when you are in Brussels. But often people go to these places without knowing the history of them. So, if you want to know more about some of the most famous places in Brussels and be able to brag about your knowledge to your friends - this article will be your go to guide in knowing a little bit more about Brussels.
The Grand PlaceThe Grand Place has been used as a town square since 12th century.In 16th and 17th century it was used as a main square for executions, witch burning and protestant decapitations. It was fully rebuilt after the bombardment of 1695 and has stayed more or less the same ever since. The Grand Place building's architecture is a blend of Gothic, Baroque and Louis XIV style. It was named as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998 and was voted as the most beautiful square in Europe in 2010. 
AtomiumOriginally built for Brussels' Expo 58 in 1958, Atomium was designed by engineer André Waterkeyn and architects An…

September is here!

September is here!
Are you planning to go to Brussels in September? Are you currently living in Brussels and want to know what is happening in the city? We got you covered! Hotel Leopold Brussels EU team has selected the best events happening in the city during the month of September and we want you to enjoy them with us! 
With this interactive calendar you can see the dates, times and the location of events happening here. Fall is here, but it doesn't mean that the fun is gone! 

Essentials to pack, when going to Belgium

As we all know, packing can be a bit tiring. Especially, when going to a new place, where you do not know the weather, culture and activities you are going to encounter. Hopefully, this article will help you understand what kind of things are needed, when visiting Belgium. 

(As a bonus, we have also added 3 useful tips for people visiting Brussels. So make sure to check them out at the end of this article!) 1. Be prepared for rain... and sun... and sometimes both at the same timeBelgium is exposed to rain quite a lot. The summers are known to be cooler with about 22°C and winters are usually low temperature and humid as well. But make sure to not only bring your umbrella, but also to pack your sunglasses, since the weather can change multiple times during the day.

2. When it comes to clothing - layers is the answer to all your questions. As the weather changes a lot, you might want to dress like an "onion". Layer your clothing and you will be safe for the day. Jeans with a shir…

Agenda for August 2017

Spend your stay in Brussels wisely! So many things to see and even more things to do! That is why we have created a calendar of events happening in Brussels this month.
Click on the event and find the link to website, where you can learn more and purchase tickets.

Have a wonderful August!

René Magritte

Famous People of BelgiumRené MagritteRené François Ghislain Magritte (1898-1967) was a Belgian surrealist artist. He is mostly known for his thought provoking paintings like “Ceci n'est pas une Pipe" (This is not a Pipe), “Le Faux Miroir” (The False Mirror) and “Les Amants” (The Lovers).
“Le Faux Miroir” (The False Mirror) Brief HistoryRené François Ghislain Magritte was born in Lessines, Belgium, on November 21, 1898; the oldest of three boys. His father was a tailor and textile merchant. Little is known about Magritte's early life. He began lessons in drawing in 1910. On 12 March 1912, his mother committed suicide by drowning herself in the River Sambre. Magritte found solace from the tragedy in films and novels and especially through painting. His earliest surviving works from this era were accomplished in the impressionist style. However, in 1916 he left home for Brussels, where for the next two years he studied at Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts.
“Les Amants” (The Love…

La culture du chocolat belge

Vous êtes amateurs de chocolat ou simplement curieux ?

Voici quelques mots sur la place du chocolat à Bruxelles :
La ville compte de nombreux marchants de chocolat, regroupés ou éparpillés dans différents endroits. On compte des chocolateries de renommés, familiales et anciennes, d’autres nouvelles et contemporaines, avec des produits variés qui attirent le regard par ses formes, sa texture, sa présentation...
Le chocolat avant tout qu’est-ce que c’est ? C’est un aliment issu de la fermentation de la fève de cacao. Cette fermentation nous donne un cacao liquide dont l’on extrait la matière grasse appelée beurre de cacao avec lequel on fabrique le chocolat blanc. Le chocolat en résulte principalement d’un mélange de cacao, de beurre de cacao et de sucre. Le chocolat a été toujours utilisé mais de manières différentes selon les civilisations. A l'exemple des aztèques et des mayas, le chocolat était utilisé pour « purifier «  le corps et l’esprit avant le mariage, pour donner de « l’é…